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Cardboard edge protectors

We manufacture 100% recycled cardboard edge protectors for the protection and stack stabilization of goods during their stock and transportation process. Edge protectors can be used both in the edges of the pallets and in the inside corners of the boxes.


Cardboard edge protectors manufacturers

More tan 35 years as manufacturers enables us to offer to our customers a high-quality and competitive service. As manufacturers, we can offer different configurations for these products, such as:

  • Laminated edge protectors (polypropylene or polyethylene)
  • Kraft paper appearance or white (both shinny and glossy)
  • Logo printed edge protectors
  • Auto-adhesive edge protectors

Coil protection
We also offer circular edge protectors to protect the inner and outter diameter of paper, plastic or metal coils.

Personalised service
Our manufacturing system is designed to make us quick and flexible, been always able to adapt to our customers’ needs. We can ship both complete trucks orders and small, one pallet orders.

Edge protector’s main parameters

It is defined as the width of the Edge protector. The greater wing, the more surface of protective material in contact with the protected good, and the greater compressive strength of the edge protector. If needed, we can produce asymmetrical edge protectors, i.e. one wing of 80 mm, and the other wing of 20 mm.

The thickness is the parameter with the greatest impact on the edge protector’s resistance. To correctly define this parameter, we must understand the objective of the protector. If the objective is just to help stack the goods and keep them straight, thicknesses of 2-3 mm are suitable. If the objective is to protect heavy goods against impacts and vibrations, it is advised a thickness of 4-5 mm. For special cases, we can produce edge protectors with up to 8 mm thicknesses.

It is the height of the protector. In IPYESA, we can produce edge protectors from 80 mm (to protect strapping pressure points) up to 6 meters, to protect heavy duty iron or aluminium plates.