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Born in 1982, our first activity was the manufacturing of cardboard edge protectors. Before IPYESA was established, the edge protectors were made of plastic (PVC), so we were one of the first companies in Spain to substitute the plastic for cardboard, obtaining a more sustainable solution and starting our pursuit for discovering all the industrial packaging applications that the carboard offers.

Sustainable Industrial Packaging - IPYESA
Embalaje industrial sostenible - IPYESA


Sustainable Industrial Packaging

The sustainability of our activities and environmental concern is an essential part of our philosophy. In IPYESA we have investigated the products that come from vegetable and recyclable fibres and elevate their value to make them useful for industrial packaging applications.

Despite that nowadays there still are industrial packaging needs that can only be covered by plastic products, our commitment is to keep exploring other products or at least reduce the global plastic consumption figures by introducing lightweight plastic products in the market, which have the same technical characteristics.

Anti-corrosion packaging VCI -IPYESA
Anti-corrosion packaging VCI -IPYESA


Indusrial Packaging for the Steel Making Industry

Apart from our outer and inner diameter edge cardboard protectors used in steel and aluminium coils, we have a more than 25 years of experience in designing and commercializing Steel Interleaving Paper solutions, plastic fabric (Rafia), Stretch Film with and without VCI (anti corrosion, corrosion inhibitor). Since 2000, we have designed and installed more than 20 automated packaging stations in EMEA, in collaboration with our partner VCI Brasil.

Our continuous contact with the Steel Making Industry and the anti-corrosion solutions we have developed together with our customers enable us to design custom solutions for the protection of other metal products against the corrosion (Heavy Equipment, Auto parts, construction materials, etc.)

  • Kraft VCI paper

  • VCI Stretch film

  • V-Active fluids ® VCI Brasil.

  • Automated coil wrapping machines