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Steel interleaving paper

We are specialized in many different kinds of carboards and special thin paper solutions for packaging and other processes where an external material is required for protecting the goods. We have more than 35 years’ experience behind us, which has provided a sound knowledge of our packaging raw materials and of the products we protect.


We analyse each case in order to provide our customers with the most suitable solution. Among the products we commercialize, the most common one is the recycled cardboard of 250 – 600 gsm, and the kraft paper:

  • Kraft Paper, bleached or unbleached
  • Kraftliner, white or unbleached
  • Testliner, white or unbleached
  • Laminated and paraffined paper.
  • Isothermal paper (aluminium laminated)

This thin paper is intended for the protection of the steel and aluminium during its lamination and skin pass processes. We can deliver both bleached (White) or unbleached (Brown) paper in grammages ranging from 18 to 60 gsm. Our steel interleaving paper can be re-used up to 3 times in the steel lamination process, with no impact on its characteristics of mechanic protection and refrigeration.

When some modifications are applied in the composition of this kind of paper, we obtain a totally different product for a totally different application: sublimation paper for pattern printing on the textile industry.

Steel interleaving paper - IPYESA

We commercialize all kinds of corrugated cardboard, that we can die-cut in the shape and size required by our customers. We work with can E, B, C and A flutes, and its different combinations (EB, BC, AC and ACC – triplex).

We also distribute corrugated cardboard plates laminated with polypropylene or polyethylene, to substitute other plastic products such as extruded polypropylene and reduce the plastic footprint on companies. This laminated characteristic makes the corrugated cardboard humidity-resistant.


Resistant and 100% made out of recyclable materials, the honeycomb sheets are composed of two layers of Kraft or Testliner paper and an intermediate layer of honeycomb distributed layer that provides the sheets with a wood-like resistance.
The composition of this product makes it a lightweight alternative to wood, plywood or plastics boards both for the advertising and packaging end users.

The honeycomb boards can be died with different forms that allows different products to be placed and protected, becoming an excellent alternative for EPS packaging and thus reducing the environmental footprint of our customer.
Another common application for the honeycomb is to be used as lost formwork in construction companies, as it is more ecological than the common lost formwork products (EPS, plastic) and it provides a smooth surface finish.